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Our Story

Sharn Ammannn Designer

Mushama & Me is an eco-conscious brand helping people express their individuality in the rain. We specialise in locally made raincoats from one-off vintage prints.

Mushama & Me; translating from Alabanian to 'Me and my Raincoat', was created to break the boredom of the dull dark raincoats that most of the population are presented with.

Our fabrics are rescued from local second hand shops, which range from sheets, duvets, curtains and more. From the op shop shelves the fabrics go through a technical waterproofing process leaving it wind and waterproof and perfect for Mushama & Me rainwear. These hand chosen fabrics are not only helping the environment by minimising waste, but it also means you will be the only one wearing your chosen raincoat.

I have spent years living in rainy cities from Auckland to Amsterdam. What I have learned is that one can get down about the rain, or one can celebrate. With a Mushama in your life, you will have a colourful raincoat with history and character to pick you up on those soggy days, allowing you to enjoy the rainbows and puddles that rain also bring.

There is a Mushama for everyone, so enjoy finding yours and have fun in the rain!

Proudly New Zealand made.

Sharn Xx