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NZ Fashion Museum

April 2015


Sharn Blackwell completed her Otago Polytechnic fashion design degree in 2007 following an exchange during her summer break to IED Moda Lab Milan. Sharn was selected to show in the iD International Emerging Designer Awards in 2008. In 2012, while working for a plus size label in the Netherlands, and having been inspired by vintage tablecloths found in European flea markets, she established Mushama..... Read more







April 22, 2015

Favourite Things: Sharn Blackwell, Designer

Sharn Blackwell has found her niche creating sustainable raincoats

An interesting piece of fabric found in a small village in Albania first planted the idea for Sharn Blackwell to make her own raincoats. But it wasn’t until she found herself living in the soggy climate of Amsterdam with nothing to keep her dry that she was driven to start........Read more


Homestyle Mushama & Me

June/July 2015

How did you come to be making recycled raincoats? I’ve always loved working with recycled fabrics – not only for the environmental factor, but also for the stories they hold. The idea of applying that in this way came about while I was living in one of the wettest cities in Europe, Amsterdam. The biking culture coupled with the constant rain was all the inspiration I needed.....

Photography Matt Queree